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Talking about the future development of domestic outdoor digital signage industry

Time:2019-11-15 Click:31
      Nowadays, in the digital age, digital signage is constantly changing our way of life and infiltrating into our daily lives and work. In the past decade, the use of e-mail, internet and mobile phones has spread all over the world, and in the next decade, we will see digital signage enjoy the same or even more crazy development and popularity.

The traditional advertising is to transmit information to the target group through television, hardware nameplate, radio, newspapers and magazines, outdoor print advertising, LED large-screen display, indoor LCD advertising machine, network, etc., and their respective limitations have spawned a new generation. The intelligent outdoor digital signage is gradually favored by more users because of its wide audience, high attention, excellent rate, low advertising price and good short-term return rate. , become an efficient and practical advertising and promotional media.

Based on this, as a carrier of intelligent information dissemination platform, outdoor digital signage in commercial streets, high-end residential areas, schools, rail transit, airports, convenience booths, newsstands, Epoxy signage processing, government, military, enterprises, SHOPPING MALL, etc. Widely used.

Outdoor electroforming signs are in the trend of blowout, and the future industrial value is immeasurable.
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