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How to hang the LCD TV on the wall

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1、Unpack the newly purchased LCD TV and check whether the accessories are complete and in good condition according to the instructions.
2. Take out the L-type universal hanger in the package. The universal hanger is mainly composed of two parts: one part is a fixed beam fixed on the wall (green part in the figure), and the other part is fixed on the back of the TV. Rack (red part in the picture).
3. The rear part of the TV with the two back frames fixed with a screwdriver.
4. After determining the position where the LCD TV needs to be hung, remove the beam and temporarily fix it on the wall, align the four screws with the fork, and then remove the beam.
5. If the wall is hard, you need to punch the hole with the drill mark first. The hole should not be too large. You need to match the size of the screw. Align the screw hole of the beam with the four holes on the wall and fix it. On the wall.
6. Hang the LCD TV with the back frame installed on the wall.
7. Finally, the lock that prevents the LCD TV from moving, the screw hole at the top of the fixed back frame, and then the audio, video, and power cables of the LCD TV.
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